Idea Generation and Ivestment Consulting

x-ray equity consult is offering equity investment ideas to professional institutional investors. It relies on both AlphaValue independent research as well as own primary research, especially for German Small and Mid Cap companies.

x-ray ideas are based on the fundamental situation of the respective companies, i.e. will refer to their balance sheet, income or cash flow statements. Publicly available market information like investor behaviour, market sentiment, price development, analyst estimate changes and macro data are used alongside fundamental valuation to generate advice and recommendation.

While assessing the financial situation of a company, we especially pay attention to:

· Putting the invested capital in relation to the cash returns (efficient use of capital)

· Financial stability, i.e. debt, operating leverage, earnings behaviour over the cycle

· Stability and scalability of the business model (growth opportunities)

· Game changing events

Investment Story Marketing

x-ray equity consult gmbh is helping German Small and Micro Caps to market its investment story to suitable investors. This involves a match between the fundamental profile of a given company and the investment style of a potential investor. Available information like research reports and opinions are consolidated and destilled into a valuable feedback for the company. Investment story marketing represents a long term continued approach to lower capital sourcing costs and increase the efficiency of communication efforts towards investors.

x-ray is cooperating with Mathee GmbH, a strategic communication advisor in Frankfurt.

Press Release Cooperation Mathee and x-ray
press release regarding the official start of the cooperation between Mathee GmbH and x-ray equity consult gmbh
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Past data is sourced from company reporting. Future estimates might be consensus estimates, AlphaValue estimates or own x-ray estimates. Assumptions will be clearly stated. Reuters is a commonly used source to import data into spread sheets.

Regulation and Independence

x-ray equity consult gmbh is an independent equity research and consulting company. Its research activities are overseen by the respective BAFIN department.

x-ray equity consult gmbh is not holding any equity positions and is not engaged in trading shares. x-ray is not allowed to hold shares on behalf of clients nor to trade on own or third party accounts. 

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